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10 best places to eat in jaipur

Jaipur, a town with a rich history, has no shortage of forts and palaces that must be seen. However, the city is also known for its delicious cuisine. Dining in Jaipur is a vibrant and delightful journey combining gastronomic traditions from the restaurants of the kings to the street stalls of everyday households and combining local culinary traditions with those of adjacent regions. Here is a catalog of the finest establishments in the area that you can enjoy during Jaipur local sightseeing.

Cinnamon-Jai Mahal Palace

The Cinnamon-Jai Mahal Palace, once a palace, is now a hotel with an amazing restaurant connected that you can visit in your Jaipur local sightseeing tour. The restaurant remains faithful to its wealthy legacy, displaying a great atmosphere, tasteful design and friendly employees. Stepping into this palace of the 18th century provides diners the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent royal cuisine of Rajashthani. Once ready in the palace restaurants, a modern twist is provided, and two culinary dynasties, Mogul and Punjab, are influencing them. We suggest the Rajasthani thali, a sweet starting meal made up of tiny but appetizing parts of vegetable curries, lentils, rice and Indian bread.


Chokhi Dhani

This distinctive mockup of a traditional Rajasthani village restaurant is to have an genuine knowledge. Overflowing with a Rajasthani atmosphere, it is undoubtedly possible to spend many hours observing folk dances, tuning to traditional music, or having camel trips before plunging into traditional ghee-based meals. Considered one of the area's most remarkable gastronomic sights, this restaurant experience is a concern for all tourists traveling through the Jaipur local sightseeing by car.


Laxmi Misthan Bhandar

Laxmi Misthan Bhandar is well recognized and conveniently situated as one of the city's earliest meat facilities. With origins dating back to the 1950s, it is known by locals as well as visitors, and has become a celebrity in the culinary globe. It carries witness to the importance of traditional Rajasthani meals, purely vegetarian and fairly expensive, and is particularly renowned for its milk-based sweets. This air-conditioned restaurant is a well-deserved pit stop after a busy day in downtown Jaipur. Your stomach will be content in no moment with fast delivery and a range of local meals.


This restaurant is a must for the carnivores among us, with a table featuring a variety of meat-based throat breathing meals mixed with traditional Indian spices. Classy, contemporary and stylish, enjoying opinions from the waterfront terrace while inhaling the delicious hokkah smells, more frequently recognized as shisha. Here food is renowned for its value and amount, often baked over intense charcoal fires in a traditional, tandoor stove. At this restaurant, customers will abandon their impression complete and fulfilled.

Sunder Palace Restaurant

Whether it's a cozy afternoon lunch or a contemplative morning, this restaurant provides both indoor and outdoor dining options as well as a variety of Indian and mainland dishes. Sit on the hillside terrace and enjoy the perspective of the Hathori Fort while soaking in the pleasant, serene chants of the colourful garden birds and drinking spice filled masala tea, an aromatic mixture of cinnamon, cardamom ginger, black peppercorn and black tea seeds.


Suvarna Mahal At Rambagh Palace

Located in the pink city and encircled by lovely parks, it is reported that the Suvarna Mahalat Rambagh Palace is part of the roster for the finest thali meals. The menu offers something to satisfy everyone, providing an array of appetizers including vegetable kebabs as well as milk-based desserts. Candlelit booths generate a cozy environment like a fairy-tale, and personal, personal dining is a pleasant experience.


The Verandah

Located within the beautiful Rambagh Palace, this restaurant provides a tranquil, surreal atmosphere, particularly after the city's bustle. You have the option here to mix contemporary with the previous or to remain loyal to the traditional. Choose from a range of local Rajasthani foods or take advantage of globalization and consume a pizza while watching this architecture masterpiece's intricate make-up. The knowledge will surely attract every traveler. Enjoy international cuisine while observing night and night Indian dances. There is also sufficient chance to take advantage of the panoramic perspectives of the palace gardens.

Lalit Jaipur

Reservations at the 24/7 Lalit Jaipur are suggested as this famous restaurant is the epitome of the fine dining environment and is constantly active. Whether it's 4 in the evening or just in moment for a midnight snack, this restaurant serves its first-class product. Infusing local and international cuisine in the package, the restaurant is perfect for those who are looking for a flavour of house while traveling.

Saba Haveli

Designed by a British architect 200 years earlier, for its historic characteristics, this house has earned accolades. While standing on the terrace restaurant overlooking the amazing Nahargarh Fort and Garh Ganesh temple, you can feel the playful atmosphere of Rajasthan. This restaurant differs from the norm as diners eat what is offered and available that day, instead of choosing from a menu, this is undoubtedly the finest culinary spontaneity for the adventurous traveler.


Handi is situated on the crowded M.I highway in main Jaipur, providing a stunning perspective of Jaipur's skyline. Offering both tandoor and Mughali specialties, this restaurant demonstrates to be common with both visitors and local residents. Try the handi meat, slowly baked for hours on a small charcoal fire thus maintaining an delicious, succulent taste. This restaurant is a real reflection of Rajasthan's cuisine and culture, and a local jewel of Jaipur.

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