Wednesday, 20 November 2019

College student left in tears after his family doesn’t show up to his graduation ceremony

Graduation with your parents, friends and peers is supposed to be a time for celebration. The only tears shed at graduation should be tears of joy because you have finally earned your degree after so many years of hard work.

Unfortunately, for Jeric Rivas, that was not the case. He characterized his college graduation as a "mixed sorrow and pleasure" day because although he was going to receive his degree with his friends, he was going to miss the day with his family again.

Eric Rivas, a recent graduate of La Concepcion College in San Jose Del Monte, Philippines, spoke on Facebook regarding his graduation day.
"Earlier today on my graduation day, I felt a lot of sorrow and pleasure," reads a transcription of his message. "Sad because I remember what happened again when I was in elementary and high school." Jeric recalled that he had been awarded a prize when he was in elementary school. A member of the family was supposed to present the award to him, but no one showed. And, to receive his honor, he didn't go on stage.

Not too long after he noticed the same problem, but this time he borrowed the parents of his buddy to serve as a stand-in. It was devastating, but for his hard work he deserved to be remembered.
Jeric stayed optimistic given his family's lack of support and continued to work on his studies. He had to move away from home and work many odd jobs to attend college. Although he might have had to work harder and with less help than his colleagues, that did not stop him from obtaining a degree of criminology at La Concepción University.

Eventually, Jeric's day arrived to graduate. He was meant to be happy on a day, he found himself in tears as it once again felt as if he had been betrayed by his parents.
"I just felt dripping my tears, I was just sitting on the side," he wrote. "I feel jealous." Jeric worried that he would be alone again as his classmates walked on the stage to receive their diplomas. But one of his professors came to the rescue when he went up on the stage. The two traded kisses and Jeric transferred to his hand with someone who helped him.

It's important to have some kind of support system, no matter what you do. Although the parents of Jeric demonstrated little or no interest in supporting him throughout his academic career, he was fortunate to find a program of help at university.

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