Monday, 25 November 2019

Din shagunaa da chadeyaa…the time is finally here for Kamya Punjabi to take the vows with her beloved

Next year's popular TV star Kamya Panjabi is expected to tie the knot with Delhi-based Shalabh Dang. The pair have been dating for approximately seven months and the issue has recently popped up to Kamya by Shalabh. The wedding will take place in Mumbai, and the actor is finalizing the plans at the moment.

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki's popular TV actress Kamya Panjabi nee Preeto is all ready to get engaged. The actor is going to get married to Delhi-born Shalabh Dang. Kamya had previously been married to Bunty Negi, a businessman, but was released in 2013. Early next year, Kamya and Shalabh chose to bind the knot. The pair has known each other since February and have suggested marriage to the actress within one and a quarter of understanding her Shalabh.

Speaking to the Bombay Times, Kamya Punjabi disclosed her wedding tale. "Next year I'm going to be a divorced lady (jokes!) by this moment. I approached Shalabh in February after a colleague advised me to advise him about some of the wellness problems I was experiencing. We chatted and in a month and a half he suggested marrying. Tying the tie again was a enormous challenge for me, so I gave my moment to believe about it.

Kamya said, "We were told by both our families to settle down. I had agreed not to date, but things changed after meeting Shalabh. His family is also enthusiastic about the game while my family are overjoyed. Because we are still family, we always recognize the obligations of each other. While on Shalabh my sister Aara, his brother Ishan and I get along like a house on fire as well.

Congratulations to the popular television actress Kamya Punjabi as she declares her beautiful Shalabh Dang wedding. The beauty, currently popular for her ongoing show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, is feeling extremely grateful for finding someone as incredible as Shalabh who has restored her confidence in marriage effortlessly again; especially given her history with ex-husband Bunty Negi. Kamya dated Bunty for about 3 years before becoming separated in 2013 for those unaware. She also has a sister Aara, nine years old, whom she has been raising as a single mother after she asked Bunty to leave.

This points out that in the first quarter of 2020 the pair are hoping to get married. Kamya also discussed in the same conversation how Shalabh appreciates her mindset of devil-may-care and let her be the way she is. She admires her strong-headedness and thinks it's her as a person's best attribute. Talking of his relationship with her daughter Kamya disclosed that even Shalabh has a ten-year-old son Ishan

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