Tuesday, 3 December 2019

SO rha hai desh ka chaowkidaar

Apne aap ko desh ka chowkidaar bolne wala 56 inch ki chaati wala chowkidaar ab kahan hai jab desh ki betiyon ko jaanwaro ki tarah nocha jaa rha hai.

Indians have been worshipping many goddesses like Maa Durga, Maa Saraswati, Maa Laxmi, Maa Kaali, etc., over the last zillions of years. However, on the same land, the cases of rape and molestation have been growing tremendously over each passing year. 

Forced sexual intercourse with someone is known as rape. Nothing has changed even after the passing of the Nirbhaya Verdict. Instead, the rape cases have been increasing day by day. 

Ever wondered the reasons behind such shooting rape cases in India. Following are some of them:

  • Absence of sex education

Sex education in India is still at a primitive stage and it is considered to be as one of the taboos. It is very important to inculcate the right sex education amidst the teenagers as it would help them to understand the major changes happening in their bodies and thus, would also help in curbing such immoral desires at the right time which might lead to a rape.  

  • Acceptance of domestic cruelty

The patriarchal Indian society is male dominated. Marital rape has been one of the common issues in India. Indian women are being taught to respect their husband. However, they usually do not object and talk about any unethical behavior by their husbands to their friends or family.

  • Mental reasoning

Western dressing by a girl in India is treated as a provocative action leading to the increase in rapes in India. This one mental as well as psychological thinking needs to be changed in India. 

  • Slow court system

Crimes like rape are considered as a casual practice in India also because the pendency of such cases takes years. The final verdict for Nirbhaya’s case was passed only after two years even though it was on a fast track procedure. Less number of judges as well as the lenient Indian judiciary system has also been one of the reasons for the growing rape cases in India.

  • Marriage Being a Solution

In many parts of India, a girl who is raped is asked to get married to the rapist. Such rapists who are not able to get the girl of their choice, end marrying the girl they like after raping her. This is one of the most common practices in rural India. 

  • Lacking in Self-Defense

Not all the Indian women know the self-defense techniques. The government should start various campaigns to teach the females some basic self-defense techniques. It is indeed necessary that self-defense lessons be taught to women from all the classes of the society.

The Indian legal system needs to be improvised so that, such rapists will think twice before taking any such unethical actions. Favourable laws be passed for fastening such rape cases, only then the justice will be done to such women.

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